12th Biennial IQSA Meeting

Quantum Structures Olomouc 2014
23–27 June 2014, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Birkhoff - von Neumann prize 2014

The Birkhoff-von Neumann Prize 2014 has been awarded to

  • Dr. Weihua Liu (Department of Mathematics, University of California) and
  • Dr. Anna Jenčová (Mathematical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences).

The Award Ceremony of the Birkhoff-von Neumann Prize 2014 will take place on Thursday 26 June afternoon during the IQSA meeting.

The Birkhoff-von Neumann Prize prize is awarded once every two years during the award ceremony held at the bi-annual conference of the International Quantum Structures Association (IQSA). The candidates for the prize are selected by the IQSA prize committee for their outstanding scientific achievements in the field of quantum structures and the impact their work has on the research in quantum logic and quantum foundations.

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